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Pink Eye

Pink Eye Policy

 Conjunctivitis/ Pink Eye is an irritation or infection of the mucous membrane of the eyelid and the membrane that covers the white part of the eye.


 When a student has swollen, itching, red eyes, they should be seen by a doctor, to determine a cause and get treatment if necessary.  There are some conditions, with these symptoms, that can cause a loss of eyesight if left untreated.


Prevention:  depends on good handwashing and keeping hands from rubbing eyes.


Transmission:  whether viral or bacterial, it is spread by contact with the discharge.  Therefore, it can easily affect the whole classroom.


Return to School

Please keep your student at home as long as any of the following symptoms are present:   

Pain, swollen, itchy eye(s)

Redness and drainage (either purulent or clear) in the eye(s)

Crusty in the morning

Student cannot keep their hands away from their eyes


Your Dr. will also have some advice about when it is safe to send your student back to school.